NY24 congressional candidate: Why I won’t take corporate PAC money (Commentary)

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Like other Democratic candidates in the 24th Congressional District race, Roger Misso is pledging to refuse donations from corporate political action committees. But he’s also promising to go further than his fellow Democrats by not accepting funds from the fossil fuel industry.

NY24 congressional candidate: Why I won’t take corporate PAC money (Commentary). is a candidate for Congress in New York’s 24th District.. Ending the influence of corporate PAC money won.

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 · Democrat congressional candidate Theresa Gasper was asked to apologize after her words about an important Ohio military base sparked controversy on the campaign trail. Theresa Gasper, who is running against Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH-10), was caught on video last week making a dubious comment about Wright-Patterson air force base in Dayton.

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 · Shunning Corporate PACs Won’t End Corporate Influence in Elections.. however, more and more Democratic candidates for president (and before that, Congress) have felt pressured to distance themselves from corporate money. like the rest of the Democratic candidates, has sworn off corporate PAC money-has already been garnering Wall.

Similarly, the IFS quibbles over how dependent political candidates are on large corporate donations: "Special interest" money does not dominate campaign coffers, even of the candidates you don’t like. This ties in to Ocasio-Cortez’s earlier assertion that a campaign could be entirely funded by corporate PAC donations.

"Several of the Democrats in the House and Senate who have taken the pledge say they won’t take corporate PAC money, but they will take money from corporate executives and from labor PACs," says Marc Scarduffa, former Council chair and vice president of government relations and public affairs with Pfizer. Furthermore, some – like Rep.

LYONS, N.Y. A forum featuring the two Democratic candidates vying to represent New York’s 24th Congressional District last week began as a genteel affair. But when a voter brought up the elephant in the room the controversial role of the national party in the hotly contested race.

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